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Cellar Craft Sterling – White Wine

Chardonnay California Reserve

Cellar Craft Sterling      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol:

The 12 litre must pack contains California Chardonnay concentrate blended with flavourful Santa Barbara Chardonnay juice. We have included 30 grams of toasted French oak with the kit; however, we suggest this as an optional additive. The “Naked” style focuses attention on the complex fruit character making the wine more refreshing and versatile. Grapefruit, green apple, and pear aromatics dominate the nose. The medium body is clean and crisp with flavours of green apple and citrus which continue through the wonderful finish. The wine comes together in a couple of months and should be enjoyed within a year or so. Serve lightly chilled on its own or with seafood, chicken, pork, or vegetable dishes. Best with foods that are not too heavily sauced.

Johannisberg Riesling California Reserve

Cellar Craft Sterling      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol:

California Johannisberg Riesling is lighter and less exuberant than cooler climate Rieslings, but still reflects the bright citrus and ripe fruit character that makes Riesling one of the more versatile white wines. Finished with a Flavour Reserve to balance the wine’s natural acidity and highlight the fruity notes of the wine. An off-dry sensory impression. Serve as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to most foods. Works especially well with Asian dishes, fish, pork, and chicken. Let the wine rest at least 2-4 weeks after bottling. Then serve lightly chilled. Usually enjoyed within 12 months.

Pinot Grigio California Reserve

Cellar Craft Sterling      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol:

We have added just enough Yakima Pinot Gris to our California Pinot Grigio to elevate the aromatics and finish of the wine to a level above the norm. The nose has a pronounced, refreshing citrus character with a back note of juicy peach. The mouth-feel is crisp with citrus qualities and the overall sensation delightfully lingers through a good finish. Begins to show harmony and balance after a few months and is usually consumed within a year. Serve lightly chilled as an aperitif or with light chicken, fish, or pork dishes. Works well with most Asian foods.

Sauvignon Blanc Lake County California

Cellar Craft Sterling      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol:

Juice and concentrate from Lake County produces a fresh, crisp, medium-bodied wine with restrained aromas of gooseberry and lime followed by refreshing light flavours of fruit and a bracing core. We suggest using the French oak as an optional additive. An excellent wine for social sipping, with appetizers, chicken, and fish. A classic pairing with soft goat cheese. Chill and enjoy a couple of months after bottling.