Bodega Wines

Cellar Craft Sterling


Light enough for sipping on their own – hearty enough to compliment your favourite meals. 
The 12 litre Sterling Collection wine kits produce wines with more pronounced character, more body, and more flavour that you will proudly serve for special meals and to special guests. The reds contain a unique, varietal-specific Virgin Crushed Grape Pack for true fermented-on-the-skins flavour and aromas. Usually bottled in as little as 5 – 6 weeks. The whites can be enjoyed with only 2-4 weeks of cellaring while the reds will require a few months to show their charm. Available in unique “Global Cuvée” blends and “Regional Classics” styles.

Cellar Craft Sterling – Blush

White Shiraz California Reserve Cellar Craft Sterling      Sugar Code: 1       Alcohol Vol: 12 litres of must from California Shiraz, which received minimum skin contact, is the heart of this wine. An all natural, 230 ml Flavour Reserve (featuring Viognier) is added after fermentation to add body, elevate the aromatics and […]

Cellar Craft Sterling – Red Wine

Amarone Style Global Cuvée Cellar Craft Sterling      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: Uses an Italian Valpolicella blend made with Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes. Fermented on a 1.5 litre virgin crushed grape pack made from equal portions of California Cabernet and Barbera grapes and sun-dried red wine grapes. A robust […]

Cellar Craft Sterling – White Wine

Chardonnay California Reserve Cellar Craft Sterling      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: The 12 litre must pack contains California Chardonnay concentrate blended with flavourful Santa Barbara Chardonnay juice. We have included 30 grams of toasted French oak with the kit; however, we suggest this as an optional additive. The “Naked” style […]